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How Yoga Affects Your Diabetes: What Does the Research Say?

Yoga is perhaps the most popular non-medicinal remedy for diabetes out there, and it makes sense if you look at all the benefits that some of the cost-effective practice of yoga postures has on insulin levels within the body.

  • Hyperglycemia is stress related, both of the elements in question being hormone-controlled and intimately tied together. With yoga being an effective remedy for stress, it benefits extend to stress-induced insulin level drops and rises as well.
  • Some of the postures in yoga aid relaxation of the pancreatic cells, and promote their rejuvenation and renewal. Because insulin is created in the pancreas, this has a positive effect on the insulin levels. (Malhotra V)
  • Diabetes increases the risk of obesity, which can very effectively be mitigated by practicing yoga on the regular as a form of exercise.
  • Certain yoga poses like the asana massage can even help the digestive tract and more conveniently squeeze the toxins out of your body, something that is otherwise a little harder for the diabetic person.

According to renowned yoga expert, Dr. Asana Andiappan, Yoga promotes a positive outlook and happiness. People living with diabetes often struggle with anxiety and depression. Yoga therapy can help type 1 and type 2 diabetes in a number of ways,

  • By managing stress levels effectively
  • By providing asanas, particularly stimulating the abdominal area and meditation and relaxation techniques
  • By helping natural weight loss

Don’t believe us? Here’s Some Science.

  1. Adherence to Yoga has a Positive Effect on the Glucose Levels in Patients with Diabetes Type II

A group of people in a Yoga Center in Bangalore who had Diabetes were interviewed, and their diabetes checkup was conducted every 30 days for about 6 months. The participants of the study were all officially diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and were a total of fifty-two in number, from different age and gender groups.

Conclusion: People who completed the Yoga program were noted to have mitigated levels of Diabetes Type II while those who dropped out were followed up with and continued to struggle with their diet and stress patterns. (Praveen Angadi) (Romesh Kumar Bhat)

  1. Evaluation of all Studies that correlated Yoga with Diabetes Revealed That Yoga Works

All the trials correlating diabetes and yoga that have been conducted up to date and put online were evaluated in this study, and a large amount of evidence showed up showing a positive impact that yoga has on diabetes. (Kim E. Innes 1, Yoga for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials)


If you are struggling with controlling your diabetes, maybe it’s time to sign up for a yoga therapy class.

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