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According to Research, Yoga Has Your Back!

Yoga is perhaps every home-remedy-obsessed person’s go-to for different kinds of ailments –and rightly so because it works!

Combining intricate physical stances and complex breathing tactics, yoga can help you combat pain physically and mentally in the following manner (Busch)

  • Reduce and altogether avoid muscular pain by toughening up targeted muscles and muscle groups
  • Diminish muscular stress through breathing exercises combined with focused-physical poses, causing not just physical but mental relaxation as well.
  • Promoting blood flow through the targeted areas of the body, thereby increasing nourishment and the flow of toxic substances out of that area.
  • Readjusting the body posture so that the pressure is equally distributed to different areas of the body, as opposed to a single point which is what causes pain and discomfort.
  • Relaxing the pain sensors in our body, thereby reducing pain

Don’t believe us? Here’s Some Science.

  • Yoga Therapy Formulated by 26 Yoga Experts and Tested on 12 Patients with Chronic Back Pain

A correlation between Integrated Yoga Therapy Module (IYTM) for Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) was established. The study involved three phases

  • Compiling data in order to formulate a Yoga Therapy Module for Back Pain.
  • Collaboration with 26 different yoga instructors in order to validate the gathered data.
  • Applying the module for 12 patients with chronic back pain for a period of thirty days

Conclusion: The properly researched Yoga Therapy Plan for Chronic Back Pain that had been validated by yoga practice experts proved to be fruitful in the reduction of the pain in the patients on which the trial was applied. (Nitin J Patil)

  • Physical Changes in the Spine, Observed through MRI after 12 Weeks of Yoga.

40 patients with MRI-proven degenerative intervertebral discs were taught light, breathing exercises and postures targeted for the muscles of the back for a period of 120 days, with 1 hour of the exercise daily. After the period of 120 days, their physical and mental stress levels were measured and their MRIs were retaken.

Conclusion:  Physical changes in the discs and vertebrae were observed. (Shirley Telles)

  • Yoga Actually Made Some People Lower The Dosage of Their Pain Medications

In a study whose main purpose was to evaluate the effectiveness of Iyengar Yoga Therapy on Chronic Low Back Pain, and the researchers came to two conclusions:

  • Yoga reduced the intensity of the pain, and the onslaught of depression associated with the pain and functional disability
  • People partaking in the study also went on to reduce the medication for their pain –something that did not happen with the control group.

Conclusion: Yoga could help you taper off your pain medication. (Kimberly Williams)

According to Yoga Expert, Dr. Yogananth Andiappan one should not start yoga practice watching online videos and reading books. Especially people those who suffer from back conditions should learn from a qualified yoga therapist.

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