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Is Yoga Effective Care for Scoliosis? What Does Research Say?

Scoliosis can be defined as the spine having a curve in it that causes it to bend towards the sides. This is a deformity of the spine and can bring damage to the lower back and the respiratory system. Also, a condition such as scoliosis can suffer from damage to their shoulders and ribcage, causing them to deform.

While it may not cause any significant pain or disturbance at first, this pain can grow if left untreated, and lead to harmful issues. Aside from corrective surgery and expensive back braces, there doesn’t seem to be a treatment for such an issue. However, a study conducted on patients suffering from Scoliosis and taking up yoga practice showed something else.

According to a study, yoga is an exercise that is commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain (L. Susan Wieland, 2017).  In the study, patients suffering from non-identified back pain, as well as scoliosis were placed in a group that would regularly practice yoga, while the control group would engage in little activity.

Based on how the practitioners self-reported about their back pain and described it as being reduced. There was a high possibility that yoga could bring a long-term change to patients suffering from scoliosis if they practiced over a prolonged period of time. Although there isn’t any objective evidence which claims that yoga is stronger than another method applied, it should be remembered that it can’t cause any harmful effects either. These tests were designed specially to check the effect of yoga on back pain, and not to see what types of regimens were the most helpful.

Here are some of the ways that yoga can be beneficial for your back and help in reducing aches in the lower region of your back. The stretching and breathing associated with yoga are effective at strengthening the body, but that’s not all. When individuals with scoliosis practice yoga, movements that involve stretching and heavy breathing cause their deformed spine to realign itself and achieve better symmetry.

When the asymmetry of scoliosis is lowered, then people who once suffered from horrible back pain will find themselves better equipped to steady themselves. With a regular yoga routine, the muscles become used to stretching and thus shift in a position that is more aligned.

These are some of the yoga poses that will help in reducing back pain associated with scoliosis and effectively bring the spine back into shape. Since there are many twists involved in these poses, it’s likely that you’ll twist your back and reverse the deforming rotation of your spine.

The Three Warrior Poses: These three poses all try to align the body one way or another, and can do wonder for your spine. These poses defy gravity and recenter your spine in its proper place by stretching while upside down and then releasing tension from muscles.

Ustrasana: While on both your knees, this poses makes you stretch while tilting your head back. By doing so, you balance your body better and strengthen your core.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana: When you suffer from back pain due to scoliosis, it’s likely that laying down on the floor is a challenge. By initiating the ‘upward extended legs’ pose, you can work your spine to take an aligned shape.


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